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Name's Veronica Brennan. I'm a freelance writer, professional hacker, (and unwitting shapeshifter) who spends most of her time roaming the US & trying (unsuccessfully) to stay out of trouble. ((Indi SPN OC Multiverse blog. Mun is 21+. FC is Zooey D.))



Have you heard of pompei77



Her art


is friggin’ amazing


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Hate to burst your bubble, guys - but only one of these is an actual drawing.  Go to the artist’s deviantart page.  They are all listed in the photomanipulations category except for Jared with the butterflies.  Doesn’t mean they’re not awesome and impressive manipulations…but they were not hand-drawn by the artist.  

Example for hipster Dean

Here’s the original photograph:

And here’s a screencap from the image on her deviant art page

*shrugs*  Again, like I said, it’s still impressive…and not something just anyone can do.  Decent photomanipulation isn’t easy…but it also doesn’t involve the same amount of work that would be required if it were done by hand.  Okay…hopping off of my soapbox now.


Short and Simple Roleplaying Ideas
Unlikely Friendship - One with very Victorian values, the other very Modern
A Random Meeting in a Speakeasy - but one is actually undercover working for the police.
Two old friends who now work for rival crime bosses
Musicians in the middle of the Harlem Renaissance
The Stock Market Crash - One loses everything and the other wants/offers to help them


Short and Simple Roleplaying Ideas

  • Unlikely Friendship - One with very Victorian values, the other very Modern
  • A Random Meeting in a Speakeasy - but one is actually undercover working for the police.
  • Two old friends who now work for rival crime bosses
  • Musicians in the middle of the Harlem Renaissance
  • The Stock Market Crash - One loses everything and the other wants/offers to help them
You’re it! Rules are: copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful(っ◕‿◕)っ

  • Hate yours
  • Be rude to yours 
  • Become your character’s enemy
  • Be willing to attack/fight yours in a plot
  • Develop a bromance or platonic relationship 
  • Have or receive UNreciprocated feelings with yours
  • Team up with your character against others (or vice versa)
  • Otherwise engage in non-romantic interactions



Ronnie saw his hands clench - listened to him struggle for an answer…and immediately felt guilty for asking.  What would it feel like if she didn’t know where she came from, or why she existed?  Technically, she still had questions, of course…but not like Lirim did.

“Hey, y’know…you don’t have to talk about stuff you don’t want to just because I ask.”  The smile she offered him was soft and understanding.  “Promise not to get mad or anything.  And…y’know, maybe…maybe something happened.  I mean, to the angel who made you.  Maybe they wanted you to know about them, but something stopped them from revealing themselves?  It’s possible, right?  They could be out there, wanting to talk to you, but not able to for some reason?”

When Lirim expressed his concerns about others finding out, the shifter smiled (perhaps a bit sadly) and mimicked zipping her lips shut.  “Trust me, I know the importance of keeping secrets.  Don’t worry - not a word to anyone.”

    “I dunno if that thought is better or worse. To think that maybe my creator was punished for making me, or not allowed to see me, rather than simply not wanting to. It’s like…what is worse to a human child? Their parent being in prison for a mistake, or an absent parent who doesn’t care at all? Both are bad for obvious reasons, but what’s…what scars more? I dunno…But it is somethin’ to think about…I hadn’t considered it before.”

   He was about to say thank you for her patience and understanding of his dilemma, when a crack of thunder snapped overhead. A quick peek out the kitchen window and he could see the Zeus-like anger overhead, rolling southward. The news on the radio said the storm would only be passing through, not really touching ground where his cabin was, but news wasn’t a one hundred percent exact science, not one he would trust with lightening.

   “Should we start walkin’ ya back? I don’t want ya to get caught in that if it starts rainin’.” Nevermind his stitches; he hadn’t even considered it.

“Maybe not punished,” she said with a small, hopeful smile.  “Maybe they hid you here on earth…to protect you…and they can’t visit because then others would know.”  Her smile became apologetic.  “‘I guess that’s not really any better, is it?”  Fidgeting for a moment, Ronnie continued, “Umm…can I ask…I mean, it’s okay if you don’t want to say, but…you said you just learned about your powers…so, did you grow up human?  Do you have human parents, too?”

The shifter jumped a bit at the unexpected sound of thunder.  She listened to the radio with Lirim, nodding when he suggested heading back.  “Probably so…yeah.  You…um…you don’t have to walk with me…with your stitches…and if it starts to rain that won’t be good for them…”  Her protests were half-hearted at best.  Ronnie found herself truly intrigued by this man, and interested in continuing their conversation.  But she didn’t want to seem nosy or pushy about it either…and she certainly didn’t want her host to harm himself on her account.



Ronnie wrapped the angel in her arms as he collapsed against her, sobbing. Her hold was gentle, hands making soft circular motions across his back. She cried with him; even if there hadn’t been a connection between the two, the tears still would’ve fallen. Seeing her friend in so much pain and being unable to help him tore her up inside.

Smiling a bit sadly when he thanked her, the shifter murmured, “Hey…everybody needs a good cry now and then…even all-powerful archangels.” A slight chuckle curled through her. “Besides, that’s what friends are for, right? To be there for each other when things go south? Maybe I can’t do anything else…but I can do this.”

Gabriel gave a slight smile, trying to compose himself. Trying and failing. Now that the initial shock of finally having come clean about all that had happened was starting to wear off, his pride was kicking in once again. He forced himself to pull away and sit up on his own again, even though he instantly missed that small comfort. 

"I… Uh…." He looked around, searching for something to say. "Is there any more coffee?" He finally asked, just needing to talk about anything but what had just happened.

Ronnie’s grip on the angel loosened and fell away as he pulled back from her.  When he asked for more coffee, she gave him an understanding smile.  “More coffee coming up,” she murmured.  As the shifter stood, she patted Gabriel’s leg in comfort before moving to gather their mugs.  Nodding at the TV directly across from the bed, she said, “You can turn it on if you want…or we could take our coffee to go.  Watkins Glen is outside…all waterfalls and greenery…very peaceful…if you’d like to just walk.  Promise you don’t have to talk unless you feel like it.  Although you might have to listen to me babble instead.”  The smile she offered him was small, but teasing.



The shifter’s smile was a little bit wary as a woman appeared from the stacks, but it relaxed as she introduced herself. “Wynter is it, then. Nice to finally meet you,” she replied accepting the woman’s hand and shaking it firmly. Ronnie’s expression was curious as she asked, “Does this hunt just have you on edge…or is the jumpiness more of a character trait?” Always best to get a good grasp on any situation, and the more she knew about the case and about this Hunter, the better off she’d be.

Giving Wynter an understanding glance, the shifter nodded. “Tony’s a good friend; when he recommends me to people I usually trust that it’s important enough for me to devote my attention to. So…here I am.” Ronnie gave a casual shrug. “Alright, so I’ve got a program running that might help narrow things down, but it’s got a lot of databases to go through and not nearly enough info to work with - no offense, or anything.  It’ll all just go faster if the system can narrow things down. So - do you have any photos, reports, witnesses? And what are the cops saying about it all?”

"The feeling is mutual. I’m looking forward to having some help with this." the young woman admitted, shifting on her feet. Wynter shook her head, chuckling sheepishly at Ronnie’s question. "No, no. Well, yeah, maybe a  little. Mostly I was just focused on what I was doing." she explained, awkwardly rubbing the side of her neck.

"Believe me, I appreciate it. This case has me totally stuck, and I can’t afford to be stuck when there are people dying." she murmured, eyes casting downwards for a moment or so. When she spoke again, Wyn refocused on her, smiling weakly. "Yeah, sorry. Like I said, I’ve been completely stuck on it. But yeah, follow me and I’ll show you what I have so far." she added, leading Ronnie to the back room. 

The shifter nodded in understanding.  “Ah - gotcha.  Yeah…I tend to hyper-focus on things sometimes…but mine is so bad that I stop noticing anything that’s not whatever I’m focused on - usually my computer, if it matters.  Tony chastises me for it all them time - says I should stay more aware.  I know he’s right…but sometimes I need that level of focus, y’know?  And the RV’s pretty heavily equipped with wards and alarms and stuff, so, generally speaking, it’s super safe.”

Ronnie nodded at the other woman’s words.  “I understand that.  The innocent need to be protected.  Whatever I can do to help you, I promise I will.”  With another nod, the shifter followed her hostess into the back of the shop.  All the while her eyes roamed - looking with interest at the variety of books, and also taking note of her best chance of escaping…should it be necessary.  Tugging on her long sleeves, she readjusted her gloves and just did her best not to touch anything.



"Yeah, I’m going to have to agree on that one, ‘human’ probably isn’t the right terminology for you any more." The shifter chuckled, grinning at the man who both was and wasn’t Sera.

Ronnie blinked for a moment, thrown off by the familiar head tilt, before grinning widely. “It’s pretty amazing - super big screen, a big comfy couch - perfect for all kinds of marathons.” Her eyebrow raised with interest at the mention of popcorn from a skillet. “Oooh - that sounds tasty - way better than stuff out of the microwave.” Grinning when he asked if she wanted anything on it, the shifter considered for a minute. “Well…cheese is good on everything…but you’re the chef, so I’ll defer to you.”

She listened with curiosity as Morgan descried what it was like sharing his body with Sera. “Mmm, sounds like quite a rush,” she replied with a soft chuckle. Still eyeing him with something between fascination and disbelief, Ronnie grinned as the red-head sat down next to her. “I’m a fan of both…and I do typically prefer coffee…but I’ve been practically living off of that and energy drinks for the past few days, so tea’s a nice change.” She smiled and took another long sip of tea as Morgan sat down next to her.

"I must remember my original definition of theater is much different than what it was when I left." Morgan chuckled. "Marathons? Why would one want to run an entire marathon when trying to…" His voice trailed off, as a blush crept up his cheeks. "Ah. Never mind. Another definition of the term." The actor smiled from Ronnie’s excitement over his cooking, as simple as it was. "Cheese, a little salt. Chocolate and caramel are good over it. I’m not much of a chef, sadly, but I’ve learned a few things."

"One can only imagine, then multiply that by a few thousand. That is Sera. One of the brightest in Heaven, and yet I cannot burn when I’ve seen his true form." The words were fluid, as if taken from a soliloquy. Morgan nodded as Ronnie mentioned a love for both. "I have a feeling I don’t want know or try an energy drink, it sounds dangerous." He laughed.  

Ronnie chuckled softly.  “Seems like a lot of definitions are different.  But you’re adjusting and understanding quickly…so that’s cool.”  Her stomach rumbled a bit as he began talking popcorn.  “Oooh…it would be greedy if I said I wanted some of each, wouldn’t it?  But they all sound tasty!  And I’m sure you’re cooking is just fine.”

The shifter listened to him in fascination.  “You…can’t burn?  Because you’re one of his true vessels, right?  Sera drew a picture once…to show me what he looked like in his true form.  I…I know I’ll never be able to see it for myself…but I wish I could…just once.”  Her voice was soft and wistful as she spoke.

One eyebrow rose in amusement at Morgan’s statement.  “Oh…they’re definitely an acquired taste.  Not good for much more than keeping you awake when your body says you need sleep.”  Ronnie laughed.  “And there are news stories of people drinking too many at once, which speeds up their hearts too much and they die, but that doesn’t happen too often.  Still…there should be a few in the fridge if you really want to give one a go.”


 “Heavy emotions, hm? Like as in he’s invested into this company somehow?” she thought aloud. “Well I’m glad they are being sloppy. Makes my job easier.”  Structured creatures were always a pain to hunt, mostly cause they covered their tracks quite easily. Not to mention they are usually the ones who were ruthless killers.

Melissa couldn’t help but let out a pleased sound as Ronnie spoke. The Nephilim had to admit, she had that type of mentality as well. Those who did wrong deserved punishment. If they decided to take their own life before receiving said punishment then that was the person’s fault. More proof on how guilty they were. Melissa decided not to comment. God forbid if she and the shifter before her had similarities.

She grunted with agreement when Ronnie went into detail with her answer. “Yeah, true. I don’t see another possibility for this shifter to go towards certain type of people. ”

“Alternative, hm? Like with me, right?” she smirked, “Don’t worry you don’t have to answer. ”

“Yeah…maybe.  Or he feels like the company has wronged him in some way?  Honestly, if he were behaving more like a serial killer, I’d say he’s just lost himself to the monster and doesn’t care if he gets caught anymore.  But this is something different.  I mean…he still felt very much in control of himself…when I spoke to him in the woods…”  Ronnie shrugged.  “Sorry I can’t be more specific.”

Although she noted the sound Melissa made, the shifter stayed silent.  She wasn’t going to force acceptance or friendship out of this woman.  If it came, it would not happen via rushing things.  Ronnie smiled when the Hunter agreed with her assessment.  “So, whether his grievance is real or perceived, he needs to be stopped…although I’d like to hear his side of things before you…well…y’know.  Then…if he truly had something to be angry about…I’ll make sure the company answers for whatever they’ve done.”

Her lips quirked up at Melissa’s comment and she shrugged.  “Actually…what I meant was more in reference to what I told you earlier.  Shifters can’t fight the desire for causing trouble and chaos…but they can channel it in different ways.  I chose to be a hacker…and old friend of mine was a really excellent grifter.  We can also chose who we target…make sure no one gets hurt who doesn’t deserve it.  But no matter what - we have to channel it somehow.  If we stop cold turkey…or something forces us to stop…then it can go real bad, real fast.  The alternative I was referring to…is becoming lost to the monster…and that’s something I’d rather die than allow to happen.  Although…I guess, technically, you would be a part of it.  After all…you lose yourself like that, and it’s only a matter of time before a Hunter catches up to you.”

Pouring herself a cup of coffee, and plunking in about seven or eight sugar cubes, Ronnie stirred the brew before asking, “You sure you don’t want a cup?  There’s still some in the pot.”



"He is…Tony’s a…a protector.  He wants to keep his home and his loved ones safe…but he’s careful, too.  Never passes judgement without knowing all the facts.  Just…a great guy."  Tugging long sleeves down over her gloves, Ronnie almost winced when the woman asked if she was alright.  "Oh…yeah…sorry.  I guess I’m just a bit on edge."  She waved a hand at the watch on her wrist.  "Seems like my contact’s running late…Tony and I both were really hoping this exchange would go smoothly."

Jo raised an eyebrow at her comment about wishing that the whole exchange went smoothly. “Why wouldn’t it have gone smoothly? What would happen?” She asked as she shrugged. “If there’s anything you need help with, just ask. I mean, I’m pretty freakin good at keeping people safe.” She said shrugging. “So… I hope your friend gets here soon.”

“Hmm..?  Oh…well…the, uh, item we’re trading information for has a bit of a shady past.  I think there’s some sort of curse involved.  But it shouldn’t be a big deal as long as our contact didn’t open the box…y’know?”  The shifter offered a soft, but nervous smile.  “But don’t worry…your bar’s safe.  We’d never endanger other people like that, honest.”

At the other woman’s offer, Ronnie gave her a genuine smile.  “Thank you…I really mean that.  And I hope he shows up soon, too.  Just in case, though…I think I’m going to text Tony…see what he wants me to do if the guy’s a no-show…”  Pulling out her phone and beginning to type, the brunette looked back up suddenly and said, “I’m Ronnie, by the way…sorry for not introducing myself sooner.”


At his words, she frowned slightly. “Oh…I wouldn’t say it’s spread exactly. More like a ‘friend told a friend’ sort of thing.” Ronnie offered the man a sheepish smile. “I know it sounds kinda lame, but it really is the truth. And my friend - Winston - he’s in Seattle at the moment, and asked me to see what I could do to help.”

She played a bit with her gloves, tightening them on her fingers after shaking his hand. “Sure - I’m happy to fill out whatever you need. I’ve never worked in an animal shelter before, so I understand if there’s certain places you don’t want me to be. Honestly, I just want to help catch the guy hunting down these dogs. He needs to be stopped. So, just lead the way, and I’ll tell you whatever you need to know.”

Her story, it was just plausible enough. Not enough for him to completely be convinced she was just a concerned citizen. He took another look at her and the strange aura surrounding her. It was definitely different from the people he worked with. It shifted and moved with much more vibrancy. Interesting. “Ah, I see. Well, if you hear from him again, please extend my thanks.”

"Excellent, I have the papers in my office. Shouldn’t be more than about 10 minutes to complete. Then we can chat and find out in just what way you can help us." He turned and paused for her to follow. "Please follow me Ms. Brennan and we’ll get started."

“Yeah, I will,” she replied with a small, but genuine smile.  “I’m sure he appreciates all that your organization has been doing to help, too.”  He just wanted someone working the case who knew what was really going on - which was, unfortunately, not something she could say out loud.

With a slight nod of understanding, Ronnie followed the man, making a bit of small talk as they went.  “So do you have a specific job that you do here, or are you more of a ‘does-a-little-of-everything’ kind of guy, Mr…?”  The shifter suddenly realized she’d forgotten his name…or maybe he hadn’t given it.  She honestly couldn’t recall.



Ronnie’s eyebrows shot up in interest. “Well, that’s one good way to make a girl curious…but I won’t ask. Everyone’s got secrets, and you’re as entitled to keep yours as I am to keep mine.” She gave the red-head a small smile, then nodded as they discussed pop culture. “Right? Sometime I wonder if the people around me are living in some sort of bubble; nine times out of ten my references go right over their heads.”

The shifter’s expression became serious as Charlie’s smile fell. “I’ve got a really good friend who’s a Hunter - he’s like a father to me. When I was younger he saved my life…and sometimes I still help him out with Hunter stuff. Anyway, I guess it was just the questions you were asking earlier…and your responses to things regarding the witch.”

A genuine smile crossed Ronnie’s lips when the red-head explained her Hunting philosophy. “You sound like Tony….my Hunter friend. It’s…it’s good to hear. Most Hunters would rather shoot first and ask questions later, y’know? But you’re right, not everything that goes bump in the night is bad - no more so than every human is good.”

Listening with interest, the woman nodded at Charlie’s words. “I can understand that. The only reason I went to college was because I didn’t know what else to do with my life. The classes were pretty boring, but it wasn’t a bad experience…I met some good friends…” She trailed off, not willing to admit out loud that most of them were dead now.

Charlie sighed as she looked at her and shook her head. She didn’t like what she was hearing, and she definitely didn’t like that she knew out of everything she had asked that she was a hunter. “There are people that are just normal and are interested in those types of things you know. Just because I ask questions does not mean that I am a hunter.” She said as she shrugged. 

She sighed and looked down before she said. “Well, a lot of hunters have a right to shoot first and ask questions later when they have been nothing but screwed over by everything else that has been labeled as bad. I’m not one of them because I haven’t had as many creatures hurt me, and I’ve met a few good ones, but my friends… Nothing good ever comes to them and they know that they are going to get hurt if they don’t shoot.” She said as she sighed. 

She shrugged and looked at her when she mentioned college. “What did you go for?” She asked before she shrugged. “I don’t really like colleges. They have way to much to go into them, and they barley give you a good education. I mean, I could go for technology, and believe me, I wouldn’t leave any smarter than I am now, because their professors don’t really keep up with technology.”

Frowning softly, Ronnie considered the woman’s words.  “Yeah…there are, I suppose…”  Well, crap…she certainly couldn’t explain that it was safer for her to sound a bit crazy than it was to assume someone wasn’t a Hunter.  “I guess it’s just such a big part of my life…”  That was certainly true enough.  “Hunting is the first thing I think of when people start talking about the supernatural.  And it never hurts to know a Hunter or two, for when things get weird, right?”

The shifter nodded in understanding.  “It’s a tough call to make,” she murmured, taking a drink of her soda as she tried to gather her words.  “Tony says that it all comes down to intuition…I suppose he’s probably right.  Your friends, though…that’s really rough.  It’s not easy…always feeling like someone’s out to get you.”  Yeah…that was a feeling Ronnie knew all too well.

Considering Charlie’s question for a minute, the brunette sighed and said, “Well, mostly because someone who meant a lot to me said that I should.  He wanted the best for me, and I wanted him to be happy…”  The shifter shrugged.  William had been dead a long time, but his memory still hurt.  “Cal-Tech wasn’t too bad, though…I mean, some of it was interesting…although I think I got more out of my Psych classes than the Computer Science ones.  And I had a full-ride scholarship, so money wasn’t an issue…”  She shrugged again.



Ronnie’s smile was grateful although her eyes remained sad.  ”You didn’t hurt me…it’s the memories that hurt…and they’re always there, just below the surface.  If I really wanted to forget…I’d find another face, but…”  She shrugged…as if not sure of any other gesture to make.  ”It’s more important to remember.”

The sadness gradually vanished from her eyes, morphing into fascinated curiosity as Lirim spoke.  ”So…an angel made you?  Like God supposedly made humans.  Were you created for a purpose or just because they could?  Are there more like you out there?”  Suddenly a worried look crossed the shifter’s features and settled there.  ”Were they allowed?  I mean…I’m not a religious expert of anything, but I thought only God was supposed to be ‘breathing life’ into things.  And what would happen if other angels found out?  Would you be in trouble?”

It took the woman a minute to realize she’d been babbling out her questions one right after the other.  Blushing in embarrassment, she bobbed her head a bit in apology.  ”Sorry…habit of being a writer…or maybe just of being me,” she offered with a sheepish grin while rubbing lightly at the tip of her nose.

   The question stung, it stung a hell of a lot. He hadn’t expected it to; for some reason, he hadn’t expected that king of question from her. It was a very tender subject, one that he was sure she didn’t know would be. Had she known, she probably wouldn’t have asked it.

   “A purpose, or just…a curiosity…I…I dunno. The angel’s never made contact with me, and if they had, they never let me in on who they were. I say they…I dunno what gender it was. I…I don’t even know that much.” He shrugged, relaxing his hands. He hadn’t realized he was squeezing them so hard together. “So, I’m gonna go with experiment, just to see if they could.”

   Now the nephilim leaned back in his chair. These questions, they were definitely those of a writer, a journalist.

   “I don’t think so; I don’t think they were meant to make us, if there are more people like me out there. I mean, Goliath wasn’t really popular, ya know? But…um…this is why I didn’t want to tell ya. I don’t know how…angry…other angels are or would be at knowing I exist. Please, don’t tell anyone, okay? I know we barely know one another, but I have to ask this of ya, please.”

Ronnie saw his hands clench - listened to him struggle for an answer…and immediately felt guilty for asking.  What would it feel like if she didn’t know where she came from, or why she existed?  Technically, she still had questions, of course…but not like Lirim did.

“Hey, y’know…you don’t have to talk about stuff you don’t want to just because I ask.”  The smile she offered him was soft and understanding.  “Promise not to get mad or anything.  And…y’know, maybe…maybe something happened.  I mean, to the angel who made you.  Maybe they wanted you to know about them, but something stopped them from revealing themselves?  It’s possible, right?  They could be out there, wanting to talk to you, but not able to for some reason?”

When Lirim expressed his concerns about others finding out, the shifter smiled (perhaps a bit sadly) and mimicked zipping her lips shut.  “Trust me, I know the importance of keeping secrets.  Don’t worry - not a word to anyone.”

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